ExamView presentation

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On Tuesday 25th January 2011 we joined the JISC DVLE group for an online webinar to present our project, ExamView, and hear how the others were getting on. ExamView seemed to be well received by the group and we were very interested to hear about the diverse range of activities / developments from the other projects. ExamView: presentation 25/01/11 View… Read more »

Exam View code is now available

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The Exam View code is now publicly available. Given that this is a working version that may not be final, it has version number 0.9.1. The code is available from Exam View’s Google Code page.

Development is drawing to a close

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It’s been an exciting few weeks for Exam View. We’ve gone from having everything down on paper, to having a fully-fledged version of Exam View being tested internally. It’s our intention to make the source code available tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd November 2010. In the meantime, we’ve been working on testing and documentation. You can download… Read more »

Layer Function Specification

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In my previous post, I mentioned the structure that we’ll be using for the Exam View project. In our system, the data layer is the back end being used by Exam View. It could be UNITe or another system, but it’s essentially an opaque box. It’s the job of the model layer to communicate with… Read more »


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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been analysing the structure that Exam View will take, and have decided to build the project in three layers. The Presentation Layer is what people will actually see. It could take the form of a Moodle block, a simple web page, a Mac OS dashboard widget, or a plug… Read more »

Some initial feedback

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Today we held our first induction with the Moodle pilot group. We showed them a paper mock up of the ExamView plug-in and explained its purpose and functionality.  Both staff and students (approx. 40) seemed happy with the current layout and proposals. Usually exam results are sent by post or discussed face to face but… Read more »

Welcome to Exam View project blog

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This site will keep you up to date with all the developments on this JISC-funded Technical Rapid Innovation project. The aim of this project is to create a plug-in that links Moodle (VLE) with Unit-e (Student Records) to allow students to see their exam results. To find out more visit the About page or read… Read more »

Welcome to the Glasgow Met Intranet

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